Sitting Shiva just became way easier

Celebrity Delly & Catering is currently rolling out a feature which has been a practice of ours for some time. However, it has come to our attention many people are unaware we offer the following feature.

Therefore in the coming weeks we will officially launch the ability to DONATE toward a Shiva, or mourner’s meal, for the bereaved family of your choosing. All you will need to do is fill out the form on our website for the name of the family and donate to that family’s Shiva. This will allow the family to partake in your generosity no matter what the amount you are able to give, or even perhaps, to pay for their Shiva in a simple, easy way to show your kindness.

Please give us a few days to put this together and you will be able to fill out the form right online! On behalf of all of those who have lost loved ones, we thank you for your support.

William ThompsonComment